MMA for Kids 0

There are many misconceptions about Mixed Martial Arts, especially when it involves children. However, MMA can be a very valuable sport for any kid to partake in. Unfortunately, one misconception is that MMA causes kids to become violent and aggressive. In fact, the opposite is true. Some of the many benefits of involving your child in MMA are:

  • Developing a sense of self confidence
  • Respect
  • Self discipline
  • Maturity
  • Improves both physical and mental health

While some states attempt to ban allowing children to partake in MMA the benefits are becoming clearer. MMA kids are showing that they are anything but aggressive bullies. These kids are able to develop in ways that other kids never do. They will do whatever they can to avoid fights and bullying situations because they have the respect and discipline to do so.

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Encourages Parental Involvement

Allowing a child to engage in MMA brings many advantages as the environment is controlled. The kids are safe and actually have a lot of fun while meeting new friends at the same time. Some parents have seen how much fun MMA is and how beneficial it is and have started to participate in it themselves. When both parent and child are part of MMA there is a lot more to talk about and to enjoy together.


Health Benefits

MMA teaches kids how to live a healthy lifestyle that is active and fit. These kids are much more likely to eat proper meals and exercise, reducing the chances of developing a health issue later on including cardiovascular complications. These kids are less likely to become involved with drugs and other substances, more likely to finish school, and less likely to have police involvement. MMA kids prefer to strive for excellence.



There are more than three million pre teen kids that are currently involved in MMA. Mixed Martial Arts offers them real world applications that benefit them for the rest of their lives. No sport is 100 percent safe, including MMA but the odds of injury are actually much lower when compared to other sports such as baseball, football, and hockey, which are traditional choices.


Self Defense

The fact that MMA teaches self defense is inevitable and cannot be denied. In the event that an individual needs to defend themselves they will always have the power and skills to do so. They will be able to protect themselves confidently and without fear whenever necessary.


If you have a child that seems to sit around playing video games or gazing at the computer, MMA is something to really consider. It will increase energy and endurance, while also increasing speed and fitness levels. MMA increases leadership skills and helps kids face challenges that they are bound to face as they go through life. MMA is not one of those sports that kids try to make excuses not to participate in. The environment is relaxed and quite peaceful and makes up part of a whole community.